The Team

When Alena, Joy and Andrina (aja) received the assignment - the message came from Adrienne, the spokesperson for the team of 5 entities, or guides.  The team consists of Adrienne, Mother, Erick, Harry and Bilantia.  Except for Bilantia, who is from another galaxy, all are earth spirit entities.  As you will see, throughout the message sessions, aja experienced love, laughter, lessons and a special gift from the team.


Adrienne is the team's first contact with us for assigning the project and she was a continual voice throughout the assignment. 



Harry is a professional, who added his knowledge of creating seminars and the importance of reaching out to others with our message.



Mother brought that nurturing and wise essence to the project. We felt very loved and appreciated.  Mother's voice was very warm and soothing.



Bilantia is an entity from another galaxy.  She added a more universal perspective and brought much wisdom, especially about communications.. 



Erick is a very jovial fellow and was very outspoken about the conflicts humanity creates over cultural differences.


We asked Bilantia about her name and she showed us this example of the name in her language