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(Excerpt from Chapter IV)

As the wind whispers through the trees
As the waves crash over the ridge
As the sand moves and shifts
So does nature speak to each other.                  

The whisper of a breeze blowing through the trees
Is like a whisper in your ear that you barely hear.
As the whispers play with your senses
Although the words are not clear

There's a certain excitement within your being
That understands what is being said
So does nature speak to each other.

As was with the waves crashing upon the beach
So is it another way of speaking.
The waves of sand form the ripple
The hills and little valleys
As the water runs between it;
With the next wave, the ripple may be wiped out

And a perfectly smooth exterior surface may appear.
It is the ever changing sand of time
It is as the breeze and the wind
Whispering through the leaves
Or gently playing around your ear
So does nature speak to each other.