The Assignment

It started in Marina Del Rey, California. One day in 1987, Eileen, who has been psychic all of her life, was helping Karen connect with her deceased grandfather through Karen's guide - Adrienne.  When the session with Karen's grandfather was finished, Adrienne told them to contact Clarette to join them so that all three could receive a special message.
When Clarette arrived, these three ladies received their assignment - a channeled book, metaphysical primer, yet to be named,  "Project 'Earth' ".  The assignment took two years with the trio meeting every week for two hours to hear and record the messages. Then the editing process began and the chapter titles and book name were chosen.
At that time, no full service publishers were accepting channeled materials. Research was begun and the book manuscript was submitted to Vantage Press, who printed the book for a fee but did no real
distribution except for one announcement to the personal mailing lists provided by the trio.  Currently first edition hard back copies are available and a second (paperback) printing is scheduled, either self published or through a compatible publisher.

Adrienne gave them each spiritual names - a composite of all of their previous lives' experiences.  The name given to Eileen is Alena; Clarette was given the option of being either Joseph or Joy and chose Joy;  Karen was given the name Andrina. Then they chose to use the acronym "aja" as their group and pen name.

The Book

The book is a channeled message – assigned to a group of three women as their “project” and guided by a group of five entities over the course of two years. The material is an urgent and important message shared by the team, from their concern for how much fear, violence, hate and destruction with which humanity is living.

The guides gave them each spiritual names "Alena", "Joy" & "Andrina".  As an acronym, it's "aja", which they chose as their pen name. All three women feel privileged to have been given the assignment.

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Refreshing and informative, this metaphysical "primer" provides a bridge for both experienced seekers and those who are just beginning to want more universal awareness.

The material and assignment are offered specifically for use as a source of basic, introductory text for all that the Age of Aquarius represents: unity, love, balance, transformation, peace,  wholeness . . and, as you will see - much, much more!

And, although the book is aja's assignment - it is really YOUR story and for all of us - OUR PROJECT.