2nd Continued - Alena

The next 10 days were spent with my guide Ishak and driver.  The three of us visited small villages, cliff burial sites, ancient cave burial sites and the monkey tree.  Ishak had taken me to a far off place were we walk down a small path.  At the end was a huge tree. Here he explained to me, is where the children are buried.  Babies, before they have teeth.  They are wrapped in the mothers sarong, and placed into a carved hole in the trunk of the tree. The tree heals the hole and the baby has been entombed.  The idea is that the baby who has no teeth is nourished from the sap of the tree.  It is protected and kept safe by the trunk of the tree and the limbs are growing ever upward to the stars (or creator).

Many of the people are Muslim, but many are now Christian.  They do however, still hold on to   the old ways of the Dragon, just in case Christianity fails.

We were alone with the monkey tree and I spent many minutes reflecting before we started back up the path to the jeep.  As we walked silently up the path, Ishak turned to me and softly said, “the children want to hold your hand”.  To my amazement when I looked, about 8 children ages 10 and under were walking beside Ishak.  “Of course” I said as they scurried to take up both my hands, trading off with each other as we walked up the path.  I opened the jeep to dig in my bag for some candy for the children, but when I turned they had vanished as quickly as they appeared.  Ishak turned to me and said, “the children say you have the face of the goddess and the light of the sun”.  “What do you say?” I asked. ‘ I say you are the only foreigner to have ever touched my heart.”

I had learned that Ishak’s parents and the mother of his wife had passed away years before.  On our long return trip (8 hours by dusty road) from the town of Rappandule back to Jung Pang Dong at sea level, where I was to start my journey back to the states, It was decided that I would be his mother, because he had no mother and he should be my son since I had no son (my son Brett died in 1985).  We drank water and ate ceremonial rice in the jeep to celebrate our new relationship.  My granddaughter and namesake Eileen is now 13 years old.  I have lost contact in recent years, but am confident we will all reunite again.

This excursion was in about 1991, it is difficult for me to recall exactly. The Royal funeral warranted an elaborate spread in National Geographic.

In the early 80's I became very involved in dowsing or divining.  My elderly father-in-law was a dowser and taught me the art.  I joined ASD (American Society of Dowsers), attended the West Coast Conferences in Santa Cruz annually and attended the National Conference in Vermont.

This was a wonderful group of people.  I felt a part of a like group instead of the strange one. Here I learned to bend spoons, dowse for water, oil and most important to me, health.  This is done by measuring the body energies.  Where there are lower energies it manifests into physical ailments.  Our diseases do not start in the body.  They start when our energy field is out of balance.  When we hold on to anger, jealousy, envy, grudges, worry etc. we are blocking the free flow of energy.  If we do not resolve back to natural balance, it shows up in our body as disease.

I formed the Montana Dowsers Association, held seminars, dowsing schools and was speaker for various meetings and groups.  One year I spoke to the National Farmers Organization showing them how to use dowsing to measure minerals in the soil for better crop production.  During these years much work was done in regard to noxious rays (rays from the earth, atmosphere, underground running water or power lines, insulation fumes etc.)  Ray apexes. where several noxious rays cross, can lead to illness if located over a bed, office or anywhere a person spends a great deal of time.  By rerouting these rays the problems can be avoided or improved.  Many times I was called to a construction site before a home was built to check the area and the layout of the proposed dwelling.  At one point I found myself at Findhorn in Scotland.  My purpose was to check the plant energies and overall energies of Findhorn.  It was March and what I found was cold, wind and nothing growing up on the North Sea.  The reason I was sent there (unbeknown to me at the time, but that is how spirit sometimes lines us up with the mission) was to help the children of the director.  While we were talking he mentioned they had moved to a different dwelling on the premises some months before.  Since the move his two boys ages 6 and 8 at the time, had seemed to become drained of energy, fatigued and sickly.  They invited me to dinner to check out the house, It did indeed have several noxious rays crossing directly over the bunk beds where the boys slept.  We rerouted the rays (which will usually move back again over time) and found a more suitable area for the bed.  The boys improved dramatically in the weeks to come.

Dowsing with rods or pendulum, is a wonderful tool and I use it still today in spirit communication.

In 1981 I became a minister of Universal Life Church.  A non-structural organization, which provided me with tools and credentials to further develop.  Before preforming a marriage, counseling was required and emphasis put on spiritualism and bonding, not only to each other but to all of the creator.  We are all one.  It was during these years that I met two of my life long friends.  One has been very involved in Native American Culture and teaching for many years and now is Assistant Director of Indian Education in Montana.  This friendship has given me the opportunity to learn much more about the Indian culture than would have ever been available.  We would do well to learn from the old ways of the Native Americans with their connection to the land, water, sky and all living things. Interest in this realm became my first exposure to Shamanism.

The three of us had a  number of business ventures and a great deal of fun through the years.  The other friend Clarette  who was and always has been an optimistic inspiration.  You will recognize her as Joy in later years as co-author of the channeled book “Project Earth”.

In 1983 Nexus Physic Center was started.  A partner did hypnosis, I, life regressions, health dowsing, card reading, energy work, leech removal, counseling and weddings.

March 15,1985 was the most devastating year of my life with the sudden death of my healthy 19 year old son.  He died in our living room from a pulmonary embolism, blood clot to the lung, after having surgery on his leg from a basketball injury. When he was taken by paramedics to the hospital and pronounced dead.  I ran my fingers through his hair in disbelief.  He communicated to me “This is how it is suppose to be Mom and you know it”.  I smiled and said out loud, “Yes but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.”  Death of one’s child brings you to a depth that you didn’t even realize existed.  Many lessons, challenges, conversations with God, anger and laugher emerged. The circle of life and death continues for us all.  As a wonderful reminder in my despair, immediately upon my arrival back home from the hospital the phone rang. It was Clarette, she said, “I have a new grandson, he has just arrived”, I said “Brett is dead.” Clarette and my relationship was more than a friendship, we were ancient sisters put together once again to acknowledge the life and death cycle.

On March 15, 1988 my granddaughter Sydney was born.  The events prior to her arrival could in no way be contrived as coincidence.  My daughter Brenda experience a blood clot in the same leg in the same area as had claimed my sons life 3 years earlier.  They had her on blood thinners and she need to give herself injections continuously the last few months of pregnancy.  The chances of survival for either her or the baby was less than 50%.  Even if the child survived her chances of being healthy were slim because of all the stress and medication.  Sydney was born a healthy vibrant Apgar 9 three years to the day Brett had passed.  We say Sydney was born onto earth and Brett was born into heaven on the 15th.  So the day held not only the energy of passing from this plane  but the joy and energy of life spirit emerging newly onto earth again.

By the next year 1986, I needed change.  My daughter Brenda had graduated from high school and was attending college.  Joy had always lived in Montana and was ready to see some more of the country.  Sun and surf sounded like a good idea.  California here we come.  Brenda eventually went to meet Ray her future husband and Sydney’s father in South Dakota.  Clarette headed for California with a friend. And I stopped at my parents in Oregon on the way, but it lasted a year. Clarette had settled in Marina del Rey and was anxious for me to arrive.  I on the other hand had secured a position with Evergreen Airlines and was still needing my mother since the loss of my child.  At Evergreen I met Karen.  You will later recognize Karen as Adrina, the other co-author of Project Earth. Karen and I were eventually laid off due to downsizing.  I wasted no time in heading to join Clarette.  Karen had always lived in Portland and she was invited to join us in Marina del Rey, which she did a couple months later.  Karen and I ended up sharing an apartment and Clarette lived with us from time to time before moving to Orange County. Spirit always has a way of gathering and setting up the event, almost always unbeknown to us.

The seven years in Marina del Rey found us pursuing enlightenment through several sources.  We attended various seminars, gave workshops, held spiritual circles, conversed with entities who seemed to use our apartment as a gathering place, pursued UFO information and wrote the book Project Earth. During these years, I learned to listen and obey.  For several years my dream was to own a little red sports car.  Finally it manifested and I bought it immediately.  Unfortunately, before 2 months were up, spirit told me to get rid of the car and take the bus.  If I was to work with all people it was necessary to walk (in this case ride) amongst them.  I had never ridden the bus and to now was asked to take it for a year, ridding daily to and from work with three transfers each way in L.A.  This a big scary undertaking for a Montana girl.  We don’t even have buses as public transportation.  But, I had promised to listen and obey and so it was.  Spirit was in all counts correct.  Ridding a bus for the designated year was scary, enlightening, fun, educational and put me in touch with a full realm of people from the Hispanic women taking their children to school, one on the way to the hospital to have a baby, to the pimps, drug addicts, gang member, wheeler and dealers and every imaginable walk of life in between. It was and education about how the people live that never would have been experienced had I been driving back and forth in that little red sports car.


More and Final - Alena

One day as Karen and I were sitting in the living room of our apartment, I began to feel the head pressure which is my sign that information wants to come through. I told Karen and said do you want to hear this, she said yes.  Spirit said we have information for the three of you, bring the third.  So we called Clarette in Orange County and she came up.  As the information came through that day, we were all amazed.  Spirit informed us that there were many, but the one to be known as Mother would be the spokes person.  We were told that they had a project, writing a book for the people and that they would like for us to do it. It would take about a year to complete and we would need to schedule week-ends and some days in between for the project.

Did we want to accept the project?  Yes! was our answer.  They welcomed us and then assigned to each of us our spiritual names.  Karen is Adrina, she was in charge of transcribing the material and putting it into manuscript form.  Clarette would now be known as Joy and she would handle sales and marketing.  Eileen as Alena would receive the information.  They told us to set up a tape recorder and other materials that would be needed.  And so it began and continued for the next year.  Receiving and transcribing information as dictated from Mother.  There were times other entities came through with specialized information such as Bilantia.  Bilantia spoke to us several times and she informed us she was a communications expert, as her parents had also been. She was in a vehicle which we would consider a UFO (unidentified flying object).  She was there with her husband Ustofa and several crew members.  Being in the communications field, she contacted us to give additional information.  Most of Bilantia’s information had to do with pollution and what mankind was doing to the earth.  How if we didn’t stop we would self destruct our earth prematurely.  This was of great concern to all the planets.  They were available to help the people of earth get turned around.  We were quite strongly reprimanded for not being in balance with nature and the harm we were causing as a populated group on this planet. All this information is in the book. We were give time to ask and communicate on a personal basis usually at the end of the session.  Project Earth was finished, edited many times and finally published.  Alena, Joy and Adrina are the co-authors of the book dictated by spirit to the people of earth.  Enjoy, learn and grow.

In 1994 my father passed away and I returned to Oregon to stay with my mother for a while.  One day sitting on the back porch I began talking to spirit.  I was tired of this assignment and was ready to get on with life.  I said lets get on with it.  Give me a direction.  As I went into the house and opened the daily paper, a small ad was blinking as if strobe lights were on it.  It was training in herbology at The American Herbal Institute.  I signed up, became a certified herbalist and continued to be a master herbalist in title at least for one the field is so vast that a master of it is well beyond my present being.  I always had an attachment for plants and trees since the strawberry days.  Now I was learning the ancient medicine of plants.  About their vibrations and how they can balance dis-ease within our body. The growing of herbs, how to make tincture, salves, oils, capsules, infusions, decoctions and poultices as a way of applying plant vibrations of

various formulas, to the human body. Funding had lead research away from natural herbs and into the accepted allopathic medicine of today.  Research in designated fields were funded handsomely while herbal medicine was ignored.  Much of the allopathic medicine is derived from pulling one active ingredient from the plant and enhancing it.  Many times total synthetics are used for simulation.  One of the reasons allopathic medicine can be much stronger is this enhancement.  The problem lies however, in the loss of the balance of the vibrations of the plant which in turn balance our bodies.  This is why there are so many side affects to the medicine of today. We then are treated for the side affects one after another until we are far out of balance.  Allopathic medicine has come a long way and certainly has its place.  Naturopathic or alternative medicine has made a huge comeback in the past decade.  Many people are turning back to natural healing techniques for wellness.  Alternative medicine is a preventative.  Keep the body and the mind in balance. The Bible quotes “there is a plant for every ill of man.”  Herbs were only the beginning of the studies, homeopathy (like cures like) has been around for a long time.  Most recently new studies are being done with water memory and it is found that a substance steeped in water, then diluted until the substance is gone, the water still retains the memory and can be used in the healing field.  Very much like the dilutions done in homeopathy. The school touched upon Bach Flower medicine, and I also studied iridology, reflexology, shiatsu, acupressure and much more. Eventually, I was to return to Montana and manage GNC (General Nutrition Center) for several years.  It was a wonderful opportunity to both learn and teach as I saw more and more people turning to alternative medicine. As the people become more aware of who and what we are the trend grows.

A machine we call the BioElectric was put onto the market several years ago.  Being on the leading edge of this technology and also involved with the American Cancer Institute, the marriage on my personal research was a natural. The BioElectric machine has a series of vibrations or waves.  These waves can match up to the natural pattern of any part of the body which shows lower energy (remember the dowsing), and put it back in harmony.  Two incidences stand out in my mind.  The first was the balancing from traumatic stress, which also required B vitamins and additional magnesium and the other was the arrest of cancer.  The machine can arrest the cancer cell.  It has prolonged the life of several who were in the last terminal stages.  In this instance a woman was given just three months to live with cancer.  She had been on chemotherapy and back and forth to Seattle for treatment. Eventually she was so ill that she gave up all therapy.  We put her on the BioElectric machine for designated times for 10 days (it should have been 14), when she developed appendicitis.  At this point she stopped the therapy and was convinced the BioElectric caused the appendix problem.  If you research cancer, however, you find that the appendix gets plugged with the cancer and therefore is a very common ailment for cancer patients.  This was summer of 2002.  She passed away this week nearly three years later. The therapy for cancer requires an initial 14 days and then 3 days every 6 weeks for the next few months and lighter follow-up thereafter.  It is essential to continue the therapy in this way or the cancer will come back.  Tumors were a bigger problem to arrest, but technology in this field has gone a long way since 2002.

The BioElectric machine therapy makes a substantial difference in most all diseases.  Because of the FDA these cannot be called cures.  The pharmaceutical companies have put their money behind shutting down this type of therapy as they have un-patentable herbal medicine.  Greed as always is the factor, not the welfare of the people.

With the same machine we were able to treat water dividing it into acid and alkalinity.  Japan and Germany have done phenomenal research showing acidity in our bodies is the route of most of today’s physical diseases. Western medicine has not begun to tune into this yet.  Again it is the water to balance the system.  It takes nearly a gallon of water to neutralize the acid production of one can of coke.  Look at the major sales of soft drinks these days.  Is it any wonder our bodies are so acidic.  Many other things contribute.  Some foods burn to alkaline others to acid.  A baby is born alkaline.  Our body naturally tries to keep that state.  Even with all the proper foods, no preservative or insecticides we would burn 99.9% of the acidity.  The .1% accumulates in the body with age and Japans journals show acidity to be the main factor in aging.  Now think with all the junk and acid products we eat and see the acceleration to the aging theory as we are today.  I believe this to be the difference from when people physically lived hundreds of years and now. I share this research with you to help you understand that we choose our life, it is our individual responsibility.  The world we live in today is big corporations out for the almighty dollar.  There is virtually no concern about the health and welfare of the people.  You are your responsibility.

A few years ago, I got my CDL and went to team driving semi’s cross country with my husband. We drove 5 hours on and 5 hours off.  Eight months of two people living in a space the size of the bathroom 24 hours a day, takes it toll.  As a friend of mine said, this will sure iron out any wrinkles in your relationship.  The stress and fatigue is tremendous but, I love driving the big rig.  Talk about acid producing!  It was next to impossible to ever get home. We quit at the point of weighing the priorities against a meeting that Ward needed to attend.  Once off the road, and back on the ranch, I couldn’t get him to go back to cross country driving.

When one door of our journey in life closes another opens.  I have most recently attended a Fluency Communication and Multidimensional Healing workshop.  The workshop is wonderful.

It teaches how to communicate with spirit for anyone following the path. It shows you how to explore guidance in your own life purpose and to balance and heal.  I am now going to attend the facilitator training workshop for fluency communication. I am guided to use these tools to teach others the way to enlightenment for all.

On April 3, 2005 I received this information from spirit.  It is to share with all.  “On this day the world has changed.  The power and the glory are at hand. We hear the cries of anguish from the living on earths surface.  Balance of your earth and of the mind is of utmost importance during this crucial time.  A door has been opened between the realms.  Communication is free flowing.  Mark the days of transition - they have begun and they are numbered 181.

Each day brings a new gift of knowing your inherent purpose.  Each day brings a lesson for all earths children to bear witness to the Lord they God in all power and wisdom.  The times are troubled.  Man has closed his eyes.  Wake up and sleep no more, the truths are upon you one by one.  Embrace pain, embrace joy, embrace each other.  All mankind will be brought to his knees in prayer of forgiveness.  Rejoice! It is at hand.

We will guide you.  Go forth and preach the world, let out of your mouth come the truths.  Let others hear and know they are so.  Communicate freely with all realms and translate the message for your people.  Rise up woman of the earth spirit.  Bring her home and all things upon it”.

Each day I get a new truth communicated by spirit.  Each day I write it down.

Now is the time for oneness of all living things with the creator.  Know that you are to be separated by the ego no more.  All is one and one is none.