Alena (Eileen) 2001

Alena Continued

The Spiritual Journey

Born Beatrice Eileen Wright 1944 into a strongly religious Pentecostal family, I spent many hours on the church pew listening to my parents preach, watching hands on healing and experiencing the power of The Holy Ghost.

Although those in my mother’s family were strong "sensitives",  the experiments and experiences in pursuit of enlightenment during the years to follow - were not only frowned upon, but thought to be demonic. So it was kept a secret. During their adult years my mother and several of her sisters (their were 15 children in the family) became fascinated with palm readers and tea leaf readings my first real exposure to contacting the spiritual world as I have come to know it. 

In 1954, we moved from Colorado to Oregon. It was difficult for my father to find work for many months and we had no money.   At age 10, I went to work picking strawberries, beans and cherries in the summer to supplement the family income.  This continued for the next five years and was the beginning of my relationship with plants.   The texture of the leaves and taste of the fruits held my great interest and I soon learned to feel the life and vibrations in each plant. I talked to them continually as I harvested the crops, picking each berry and bean - crawling down the dusty rows in the hot summer sun.

By age 14, I was disenchanted by the Nazarene Church we now attended.   It seemed I had so many questions and few answers. I continued my quest attending church each Sunday and Wednesday evenings until age 18.

One day, when I was about 14 or 15, I went to my Aunt’s house to find several of her sisters there.   They all became quiet sitting around the kitchen table when I entered.   This was highly unusual in a group that talked constantly with several conversation going on at the same time and no one missing a word of any of them. So you see, I knew something was up and it was.   They reluctantly explained to me they were about to play a game they did often called “Going Out West".   I was excited and wanted to be included.  It went like this.   Everyone would lie down on the floor and close their eyes.   Each would receive information from spirit.   When the information was complete then sit up quietly and wait for the others.   Then the sharing began.   They were of course very excited to see what the "Newcomer" had seen.   What I saw amazed them as I described their mother, my grandmother, sitting in a rocking chair combing her long hair with a hair comb.   A large grey cat with white paws slept curled on the braided rug at her feet, while a dozen loaves of fresh baked bread cooled on the kitchen counter.   After considerable discussion on their part saying Mama did not like cats and never had one, they finally came to the time when one of the sister had moved from home and couldn’t take the kitten so my Grandma kept it.   The most interesting part of this vision was that my Grandma had passed away when I was very young and she always had short hair the few times I had seen her.   This scene had taken place years before I was born and when my aunts were much younger.

The next scene I saw was a small dilapidated house on top of a knoll.   An old car was making its way around the hill to the house.  It was loaded with a tied sheet that was brimming over the sides of the car and must have contained everything the driver owned. My one aunt recognized the scene from when she was 4 years old, saying it was her oldest brother who came home every summer with all his dirty laundry. Again several years before I was born.   And so it went, we played "Going Out West” many times in the months to come.   We then graduated to other experiments with the Ouija Board, raising the table, sensing colors with your eyes closed by their vibration or feel of the energy and encompassing visions obtained in remote travel.

At age 18 I decided to leave the church.  A bold move, and one that was sure to be my demise as seen by the family.  This decision to no longer attend church services was not a light one but, now being an adult, I fully intended pursue the quest for knowledge in my own way.  The events that lead to this situation were formed completely inside myself and my communication with spirit.  Each night for a year or more I had established a ritual to help fall asleep at night.  I would crawl into bed, get comfortable and close my eyes.  At this point a totally blank black screen was put before me.  At first it was difficult to keep the blank.  If thoughts or random pictures came through, I immediately again focused on holding the black screen.  If the blank was held for a period of time, a small white dot the size of pin head would appear in the center. It would then slowly and steadily increase in size to about the size of dime. The white dot always made me relaxed and at peace. Usually at this point I would go to or be asleep. After many months of the same ritual something new happened that was to consciously change the way I viewed life.  One night as the white dot was about the size of a dime, I took a deep breath and it became the size of a quarter, I decided to dive through the hole to see what was on the other side. Coming out the other side I saw my self not in my physical form but in a wispy airy form.  I still retained my though and personality but the form was changed.  As I floated, adjusting to the new feeling, someone began talking to me.  It was not so much audio as it was just knowing the words were in my head and heart.  The encompassing feeling of love, security and joy came over me. I began to ask all the questions I had asked the church and had gotten no answers.  The revelation and clarity with which I was shown the answers to my questions made me know without a doubt that it was truth.  I spent much time over the next several years communicating with spirit in this manner and forming what I just called my own belief system. All living things are one.  We are all part of God not separate from.  We are co-creators.  Every thought we have has repercussions.  Thoughts good and bad ripple throughout the universe and through space affecting all.  Like the ripple in a pond when a rock is thrown in. Everything we do affects all other living things, large and small, near and far.  We are responsible for our every action, word and thought. We all know the difference between right and wrong, it is born within us.  We make the choices for our actions but mankind is shirking the responsibility of the affect these choices have on all. It was my first conscious communications with spirit and it continues to this day.


More Alena

Exploration of peace and spirituality continued through the 60's. By 1970 I was in Montana where I had been drawn to for so long. Now married to my second husband, we found times under the right circumstances that we could actually hear each other talking without saying a word. The 70's found me attending every seminar on healing, auroras, energy work and getting in touch with the etheric body.  In the early 70's I met a friend of like mind and we spent many hours reading any information that came out from Girl With The Blue Eyes to all of the Jane Roberts’ Seth books.  We were intrigued with the idea of past life regression and were consumed  in trying to regress each other.  With practice we were able to bring up incidents as very young children and even back to the womb but no further.  Finally one day she was taking me through the relaxation paces, up the mountain, meet your guide, accept the gift, follow to the tunnel and enter.  The tunnel was a time tunnel and as I walked through I saw years in numbers sailing by.  As I reached the light at the other end of the tunnel and stepped out, she asked me to look at my feet.  I had none, but instead was a airy wisp as had been experienced in earlier years.  This freaked her out and she brought me up immediately.  This was the break through and we spent many hours in the next years regressing each other to various life times.  We found that instead of going anywhere at any time, a common thread would balance the karma from life to life.  We learned how to do blockage counseling, and help people to understand some of the strife they are faced with in this life and how to balance it.

My friend has since passed on.  We had made a pact to try to contact the other which ever of us went first.  Even though I have not been able to communicate with her in words I have felt her presence and been fully engulfed in the lightest softest angel wings.  Eventually I went on through the Inner Peace and Astro Soul programs teaching Astro Soul for some time.

In the mid 70's it was time for a career change.  Consulting with spirit, I found that the travel industry was the direction for me.  I didn’t realize it at the time but through the next 20 years it offered me the opportunity to visit many sacred sites, and other religions world wide.  I saw that most religions, although different in ritual, the teachings all have common denominators. They all believe in a creator or higher source.  They strive for love, peace and happiness. The experiences and enlightenment have been phenomenal.  I have embraced the feeling of ever increasing lightness and peace walking up the path to the Shinto Shrines in Japan.  The overwhelming spiritual oneness was again surrounding me as I climbed the 365 stairs to the Bahia caves in Malaysia, to the open mountain top cavern.  Small caves with monks, candles and incense filled the senses.  Even the monkeys were joyful and at peace.  In South American a trip to Macho Picho, home of the Incas was an enlightening experience.  The day before, we had gone to a museum in Santa Rosa, just south of Lima.  Here I was mesmerized by a large amethyst necklace.  The next day at Macho Picho, I recognized that it had been around my neck at the ancient rituals near the sacrificial stone there.  In Hong Kong, my sore back was healed standing in the holy smoke of the Buddha statue.  In Egypt I prayed in the temples of Mohamad and energized crystals in the green light coming over the pyramid. One of the most influential experiences was on the Indonesian island of South Sulawesi.  Here I was met by my tour guide, a young man of 25.  We were to spend the next 10 days touring the burial sights of the island.  Prior to the trip, one of my main objectives was to attend a traditional funeral in the area.  It must have been on my spiritual agenda.  As I was met by Ishak, he asked me if I wanted to rest from the trip.  I told him the sites I was interested in and also my wish to attend a funeral.  He lite up, took my hand, headed for the jeep and we were off to the funeral of the last royalty on the island.  It had taken a year to put the funeral together with facilities for the thousands of Indonesian people who would attend from the mainland and islands around. My guide knew the family and I was privileged to be an honored guest to sit in the house of the family.  This was an open air thatched roof structure where more than 200 people were already sitting on the floor with the wife and immediate family in the center.  Here we were served special funeral cake and coffee.  I was so excited to be there.  A dirt path made its past the house of the family and around a shrine about 50 yards away.  Directly across the path from me, sitting in a chair with his four grandsons standing handsomely at each side, was the embalmed body of the deceased.  The funeral was to last for 30 days but the main ritual was today.  Up the path and around the shrine came the procession of the buffalo.  It was a 300 buffalo funeral, the rank of a man is measured by the number of buffalo or animals brought for sacrifice.  A peasant many have only one buffalo or maybe a pig or chicken only.  After the 300 buffalo, came the procession of the pigs.  Many pigs, maybe 200, each tied by the feet to two poles carried by a man on each corner.  The pigs squealed at their unhappy position as each passed in its turn as homage to the Royal leader across the path.  Next were chicken and ducks and then the people.  A procession of the men, many in costume numbered in the hundreds as they payed their respects, then the women in cone hats and black dresses paraded by. The live stock is sacrificed at the end of their journey for the feast of the many people.  The first pig was slaughtered.  I was taking it all in when a young man reached up from the path and handed me the hindquarters of the first sacrificed pig.  A deafening silence fell over the house, as I sat with the blood from the pig dripping onto my lap.  Not versed in the ritual, I didn’t know what to do but it was apparent that a tremendous deviation in ritual had just been made.  The young man look aghast as he saw I was a foreigner, but it was done.  Spirit moved me to pass the pig toward the immediate family in the center of the room. It seemed like forever. Hand to hand moving ever so slowly in the hush that was so thick you could cut it with a knife, the hindquarters made its way to the wife.  After what seemed like an eternity, a low murmur moved across the room.  The wife had accepted the ritual pig, forgiven the traditional error and the room until now breathless, began to breath again.  The funeral continued as all the men squatted along the edge of the path.  Cigarettes were passed to all of them and they lite and smoked in silence.  It was later revealed to me that the smoke rises to the creator taking the soul with it.  After this there were Balinese dancers in beautiful costume dancing and celebrating the soul going to the hereafter.  A group of men danced in a circle, each painted, with spears and with rattles tied to their ankles and wrists.  This dance would go on non-stop for 30 days to keep the evil spirits at bay. After 8 hours of funeral rituals, I went to my accommodations exhausted.  SEE MORE