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Alena ~ Joy ~ Andrina

Three Women - One Project

Eileen (Alena) and Clarette (Joy) had been friends since 1975 when they were introduced by a mutual friend in Helena, MT. 

Clarette moved to the Los Angeles area in 1986 and Eileen relocated to Salem, Oregon.

Eileen met Karen in Salem and they both moved to Los Angeles to join Clarette in early 1987.

The three women had similar life experiences to that point - grown children, divorced and with active professional careers.  All lived in Marina Del Rey,  CA and spent a lot of time together.  Eileen and Karen shared an apartment.

Eileen has been psychic all her life. Karen was curious about communication between realms and wanted to connect with her deceased grandfather. Eileen connected with Adrienne, one of Karen's spirit guides - and facilitated a session of contact with the grandfather.

Then Adrienne requested that they contact Clarette so that all three could receive a special message.  During the next two years - channeling sessions were held and the pages were finished in 1988.

Alena (Eileen) is living in Montana - enjoying a life as a rancher's wife and an active role as grandmother and soon to be great.grandmother.  She receives channeled messages on a regular basis and stays current with metaphysical and humanity topics.

Joy (aka JoyRae Freeman) (Clarette)  lives in Montana - attends holistic events as a healer and facilitates workshops mostly in Montana the past few years.  The near future plan includes writing and expanding into other states for speaking, healing clinics, workshops/retreats and expos.

Andrina (Karen) currently lives in New Mexico, but will be moving back to Portland, Oregon early 2015 to be near family.  While in New Mexico, she founded The Learning Ground, which was dissolved in 2012.    Interest area currently is photography and metaphysics. 

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The Spiritual Journey - Born Beatrice Eileen Wright 1944 into a strongly religious Pentecostal family, I spent many hours on the church pew listening to my parents preach, watching hands on healing and experiencing the power of The Holy Ghost.

Although those in my mother’s family were strong "sensitives",  the experiments and experiences. .(more)

Joy 2004


Born Claretta Colleen Tafollw . . the path includes many roles and titles:

Spiritual Warrior, Master Healer, Visionary Teacher, Writer, Self-Empowerment & Relationship Coach, Matchmaker, Mediator, Ordained Minister, Event Producer, Management/Marketing Consultant, Publisher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, QiGong Instructor, Master Reiki Teacher, Radio Producer.  (more)

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Karen Sloan is originally from Portland, Oregon, and is a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother.  In 1987, Karen relocated to the Los Angeles area and became a member of the group known as aja. .

During the past 30 years, Karen has progressed in the secretarial field as a career-minded professional with experience in (more)