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Project "Earth" is a metaphysical primer - a book, an introduction to the principles of universal law – especially suited for those who are just awakening to the idea of more possibilities, for whom what they’ve been doing is not working. Beginners and long time students alike will find Project Earth a poetic, humorous, informative and inspiring message of light regarding mankind and the earth’s past, present and future.

The book is a channeled message – assigned to a group of three women as their “project” and guided by a group of 5 entities over the course of two years. The sole (and soul) purpose is to provide guidance to the many who are searching for new knowledge – who are ready to be part of a better world - to help CREATE a better world.

For those who are just awakening, this is a gentle portal; for those with more exposure, it's a fun read and a perfect gift for family and friends who are just beginning their journey.



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